About ZuniDigital

ZuniDigital, Inc. was founded in 2008 and is a leading provider of wireless network and smart power solutions.

The ZuniDigital SmartSurge product suite addresses green power conservation and surge protection, utilizing patent-pending SmartSurge technology.

Our products have garnered numerous acknowledgements and awards since our founding.  In 2011 ZuniDigital won the CEA and CTIA wireless product of the year award for the Zuni Connect Travel. The Connect Travel is a secure wireless router and charging device simplifying access for consumers’ wireless and charging needs. The ZuniConnect™ Travel combines a portable wireless network router with patent pending Intelli+IP sensing technology and SmartCharging. The ZuniConnect™ line utilizes intellectual property to bring unique products to the market simplifying wireless connections.

In October 2011, ZuniDigital introduced the Stealth Line. STEALTH; (S) Secure Wireless Connections; (T) Throughput performance; (E) Energy efficiency; (A) Advanced Technology; (L) Lowest profile product group; (T) Take anywhere for every need; (H) Hassle free setup. The entire Stealth product group incorporates state of the art electronics inside a package profile that is the smallest in the industry.

The Company markets its products under the ZuniDigital and ZuniConnect™ brand names and is available in North America and Asia. ZuniDigital, Inc. is a privately held company with headquarters in Monrovia, California.