Surge Protection F.A.Q.




How will I save energy by using the ZuniDigital Smart Green Surge Protector?

Insert your content here  Most of us turn off a television or a computer when we are done using it, but we then fail to turn off devices such as printers, monitors, speakers, DVD players or game consoles, to name a few. These devices will continue to draw power even when they are not in use. By using the ZuniDigital Smart Green Surge Protector, you will save energy on home and office peripherals that are now powered down once the master is turned off.

How does the ZuniDigital Smart Green Surge Protector save energy?

With our patented technology, we are able to digitally monitor an electronic device plugged into the master outlet, and read power usage levels of the master device. When the master, such as a television, is powered off, our Smart Green Surge Protector stops the flow of power to all of the devices that are plugged into the Controlled Outlets. No electrical current will be drawn by these devices and there is no need to turn them off or unplug them.

What is the advantage of the ZuniDigital Smart Green Surge Protector?

 There are several traditional master-slave power strips on the market. However, when the master device is powered off when using these inferior products, power is immediately shut off to the connected outlets. If a light were plugged into one of these outlets, the room would go dark, or if a DVD player is plugged into the linked outlet, and the only way to remove the DVD you just viewed would be to turn back on the TV. The ZuniDigital Smart Green Surge Protector does not power down the controlled outlets until after our micro controller registers that the master outlet is no longer in use, and then delays the shutoff of power to the peripheral devices for 90 seconds. 

Why is there a separate button to restore power to the controlled outlets?

There will be occasions when you need to turn on peripheral devices without turning on the master device. You can do so by pushing the control button and power will be provided for 90 seconds to the controlled outlets, to allow removal of a DVD, video game, or other short-term power needs.

My ZuniDigital Smart Green Surge Protector does not seem to work?

First, please be sure that you have turned on the power strip. Next, please be sure that you have followed our installation instructions. There are many power cords associated with peripheral electronic devices and computers and in some cases; the proper power cord has not been plugged into the master slot. Remember the controlled outlets only work if the master device is powered on.

How much energy can I expect to save?

Government studies have shown that electronic devices in sleep or standby mode, and other devices such as gaming consoles that do not go into sleep mode, account for approximately 10% of all power used. Each person has a different energy usage and we have provided on our website a chart to determine your potential savings from using our Power Strip. If we assume you operate the master device 8 hours a day 5 days a week, that leaves 128 hours of wasted standby power usage.

linked peripheral devices

Will the ZuniDigital Smart Green Surge Protector work with a universal remote control (like the Logitech Harmony)?

Yes, our surge protectors can be used in a system that uses a universal remote control to administrate the power and function to the connected equipment. To do so, simply program the remote for a new “activity” that powers on the Master Device. All of the Controlled Devices will have power available once the Master Device is powered ON, and they can be used as normal. It is still a good idea to keep your DVR or Cable Box plugged into one of the Constant Outlets.

Can I harm electronic devices by turning them off with the ZuniDigital Smart Green Surge Protector?

Most electronic devices sold today are designed to be turned off and/or go into a low power sleep mode without shortening life span. Manufacturers of some electronic devices suggest that they be powered down properly to avoid harm. Please consult the operating manual for each device. We have included a protective delay mechanism to avoid immediate shutdown of peripheral devices in order to allow them time to enter sleep mode. For instance, the optic mechanism of DVD players will have the opportunity to enter rest mode and thus not contact the DVD if power is immediately shutoff. External hard drives are provided extra protection with our delay feature. Standard master slave power strips abruptly shutoff power which leads to a greater likelihood of harm to such devices, however, our patented technology helps minimize this risk. 

The peripheral devices are not activating, Why?

 The ZuniDigital Smart Green Surge Protector activates the peripheral devices based on the power loads of the master device. If the device you are using as the master device draws less than 14 watts then this will not be sufficient to control the switching mechanism. Please consult your owner’s manual for the proposed master device.  

If my computer enters sleep mode, will power be cut off to the linked peripheral devices?

Every computer utilizes different levels of power. We have designed the ZuniDigital Smart Green Surge Protector to operate with 98% of known power values. Some computers may have an energy usage level in sleep mode below our threshold, and then our strip will automatically turn off the switched outlets when your computer goes to sleep. This will not harm these devices and your computer will still operate, and when awakened power will be restored automatically to the linked outlets and to your peripheral devices.

surge protector outlets

Basic Overview

The green switched outlets are automatically switched on or off when the device plugged into the control outlet is turned on or off respectively. All other outlets including the constant hot outlets are switched off only with the power switch. Under normal use, the power switch to each peripheral device remains on and the ZuniDigital Smart Green Surge Protector does the switching for you – automatically.

Why are there different outlets on the ZuniDigital Smart Green Surge Protector?

 We have provided three types of power outlets that provide for you to automatically control your peripheral electronic devices. Each outlet has specific purposes.

• Master Outlet, BLUE
• Controlled Outlet, GREEN
• Constant Power Outlet, RED 

Which devices do I plug into each of the outlets?

The ZuniDigital Smart Green Surge Protector has 3 divisions
• The blue outlet is the Master and is used to control the green automatically switched outlets.
• The green automatically switched outlets are linked to the master and are to be used by peripheral devices such as DVD players, game consoles, speakers, that you use mainly when the television or computer is on.
• The remaining red outlets are constant power outlets that remain on while the entire power strip is turned on and do not automatically turn off with the device plugged into the master outlet. Devices such as Cable DVR’s, clocks, lights, wireless modems and the like that must remain plugged in constantly to perform their functions should be plugged into the constant power slots.

What can I plug into the ZuniDigital Smart Green Surge Protector?

The ZuniDigital Smart Green Surge Protector can be used just as a regular power strip with the exception that any device that needs constant power should never be plugged into a Controlled Outlet. Some electronic devices will not turn on or off the switched outlets when plugged into the Master control outlet. We have designed our product to handle almost all typical situations, but there may be rare circumstances that do not permit proper operation.

I plugged in my electronic device into the Master outlet but the Controlled outlets do not turn on. Why?

The ZuniDigital Smart Green Surge Protector only senses current above 14 watts such as that used by computers, lights and most but not all home entertainment products. In addition, some computers and audio/video equipment do not draw enough power to trigger the activation measurement of the ZuniDigital Green Strip. Please consult your owner manual for such equipment to determine minimal power usage. 

Can I plug more than one device into the Master outlet?

 No do not use any adapter plug with multiple devices in the master socket as to do so will disrupt the ability of the master outlet to control the peripheral devices. 

One of the linked peripheral devices does not turn back on. Why?

In very few instances, some peripheral devices have soft switches, which automatically default to “off” in the event power is cut off. In this case, you will have to manually switch the power on to this device, but rest assured when you forget to turn it off the next time our device will do it for you.

I plugged in my electronic device into the green outlet and it does not work. Why?

 If the device in the control outlet has not activated the ZuniDigital Smart Green Surge Protector, the red LED on the power strip will be off along with all of the devices in the switched outlets. IMPORTANT NOTE: Before returning your ZuniDigital Smart Green Surge Protector as a possible defective device, plug a normal 60 – 75 watt incandescent lamp into the control or Master outlet. Switch the bulb on and off and see if this triggers the controlled outlets. If this solves the problem, the device you previously had in the control outlet may use too little or too much energy to trip the Smart Strip electronics. We will only accept defective returns if the device fails to meet this test standard. 

I plugged in my electronic device into the Constant outlet and it is off. Why?

Check that the Surge Protector power switch is on. If it is on and there are no lights illuminated on the Surge Protector, then the wall outlet you plugged the Surge Protector into has no power and you need to investigate why power is not flowing to your outlet. Also, please make sure to see that your device is powered on.