WiFi gives you the freedom to roam, providing access to the Internet, movies, and music without the hassle or cost of wiring.  Our ZR301 offers two different ways to extend the wireless network coverage in your home or office.  Both the WISP and Extender Mode will extend your Internet signal, but only the Extender Mode will keep all your devices in the same network.

Extender Mode

By setting up the ZR301 as an extender, you can easily extend the range of an existing wireless network to provide a larger coverage area and increase accessibility.  This is especially convenient for locations that have spotty or weak coverage.  The ZR301 acts as a repeater, and your existing router will assign an IP address.  With this mode you can see all devices in one network such as printers, media players and other computers.


With this mode the ZR301 will use your existing wireless router as the WAN (Internet) connection. This mode is great for providing access to users in locations where no wired Broadband connection is available.  However, the ZR301 will create a sub-network for any devices that log into the ZR301.  This means that you will not be able to access any devices in your network provided by your regular router.  But the sub network will also be private and you will not be seen by others on the main router’s network.  This is a privacy plus if you are in a public place. 

Wireless Bridge Mode

 Many of today’s multimedia devices require an Internet connection to receive firmware updates and to access video and audio content from the Web.  Home entertainment centers often lack a wired Ethernet cable for Internet ready devices to connect to, so ZuniDigital integrated a wireless bridge mode into the ZR301 to fill this need.  The bridge lets an Ethernet ready device connect with an existing Wi-Fi network.  Both ports will act as a bridge in this mode so that you can connect two devices with CAT 5 wire.


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