Devices equipped with embedded WiFi seem to be everywhere, making a robust wireless network a necessity. Even with the most powerful WiFi routers, reliable wireless signals can be difficult to obtain within some areas of homes or offices. Does your iPad work in your bedroom? Or bathroom? In the back yard?

It’s simple physics really – as a digital signal travels through walls, floors or even the air, it gradually gets weaker. This is especially true in homes and offices with multiple floors and thick walls. To solve this problem, we have created the ZuniConnect ZR301 which grabs the existing wireless signal and then sends it off again at renewed strength to a greater range. Your existing WiFi router will continue to act as your network router, and the extender will simply boost the signal. Now you will have eliminated dead zones, and ensured a smooth steady signal for streaming media.

Placement of the Zuni Extender is very important. For instance, placing the extender in an area with little or no WiFi will not improve the signal. Amplifying a weak signal still gives you a weak signal. Thus the placement should be in an area that has a quality signal. Some of our competitors tell you that this location should be half way between the router and the dead zone, but they obviously have never tried to set up an extender in a two story house. We find that trial and error may be the best solution to find a location that best serves your individual needs. Just remember that you need a strong signal to extend for best results. You can even share the internet with a neighbor next door if you want to split the cost of internet service.


300 Mbps WiFi Router + 1-Port Switch

While others may dream about making a WiFi router this small, at ZuniDigital we have managed to combine three devices into one small package.  Whether you need a wireless N router, an access point, or a wireless bridge, the ZR301 has you covered.  This router creates a high-speed wireless network that is ideal for laptops, smart phones, tablets, and e-readers to use.  The stealth design makes this router the perfect choice for homes, apartments, condominiums, and any other location where space is at a premium.  Model: ZR301