Zuni Stealth – Eco Friendly

We formed ZuniDigital on the premise that energy conservation should be built into our products, rather than something for the consumer to pursue by inconvenient means such as powering off electronic devices.  Our new line of WiFi routers and Ethernet Switches utilizes standard 5 volt USB power. With this change, power consumption for our various models ranges from 3 to 6 watts, just a fraction of what our competition requires. As WiFi networks continue to expand within the home and office, the annual savings in adopting Zuni products are significant.

In addition, by using standard USB micro power inputs, we let you make use of existing power adapters that you may have sitting in a drawer. (Think old cell phone chargers, old camera chargers, anything with 5 volt output). To take advantage of this option, we have created a line of products designated with a “G”, representing our Green option.  Simply use the old charger you already have to power our routers and switches, and don’t buy another brick power adapter from us. In fact our ZGR304 has both mini and micro USB power slots to make finding the right adapter simple.

Most importantly, reducing the operating power does not reduce performance or range. Our proprietary 3D antenna technology makes sure that coverage is present where needed. Also in those situations where you have electronic equipment with a standard USB port, you can use our USB adapter cable to provide power directly to the Zuni router or switch, without the need of another power adapter. Many may find this particularly helpful when your power strip is already full.