ZuniConnect Your Home

There are so many new devices that work better if they can access the internet. While we find it hard to imagine trying to use a computer or iPad without being able to go online, we are generally not aware that access to the internet is necessary for so many other devices, including smart phones, video game systems, Blu Ray players, televisions, stereo equipment, and even kitchen appliances.

Most homes are not wired with CAT5 cable, and the signal from a typical wireless router rarely covers the entire home.  To unlock the full potential of all of your devices you need to expand your home WiFi network. With this in mind, Zuni Digital has developed a wide range of ZuniConnect networking products. Our 802.11 N-routers, Wireless Bridges, WiFi extenders, and mini-switches all offer you economic and powerful solutions to connect each of the devices in your home to the Internet.

Home Office


In many home offices the Broadband Internet connection is usually located near the main computer.  Both the cable and phone company modems are typically plugged directly into a computer via a RJ-45 CAT5 Ethernet cable.  To increase the number of Internet connections available, a ZuniConnect ZGR304 desktop Router can be added to help you create your own office network.  Once the router has been added and configured, multiple computers, printers, scanners and other devices can be connected together and they can all have access to the internet via a wired or wireless connection.  Suggested Products ZGR304 ZR301 ZS105  ZS108


Family Room







The number of Internet ready devices commonly used in a home entertainment center (HEC) continues to increase at a rapid pace.  Most Bluray players, smart televisions, cable boxes, DVR’s, game consoles, and media storage devices are Internet ready and can do so much more if they have access to  a Web connection. (The list of services grows every day, but the most common use is for streaming movies and music)  The majority of these devices come equipped with an RJ-45 Ethernet port, but some have a built-in Wireless Adapter, or have an available USB Wi-Fi adapter.  Regardless of method used by these devices to connect to the Internet, they still face the problem that most family rooms lack a way to connect all the devices in an entertainment center to the Web at once.

The ZuniConnect ZR301 Wireless Bridge + Extender was designed specifically with this problem in mind.  This small but powerful unit has a built-in wireless bridge that connects to your home’s wireless network, and then shares the connection to (2) devices via CAT5 Ethernet cable.  With the wireless extender you can bring a stronger signal to your home entertainment center devices that have an existing WiFi connection point.

In addition to connecting wired devices to the HEC, the Wireless Extender increases the home’s wireless coverage and provides an access point for additional Wi-Fi enabled devices to utilize.  This is especially useful for connecting laptops, tablets, and smartphones to the LAN/Internet.

If your home entertainment center already has a wired Ethernet connection and you would like to increase the number of connections available, simply install our plug and play ZuniConnect Mini-Switches.  These switches are available with 5 or 8 ports which will increase the number of connections available to 4 and 7 respectively.  No set up is necessary these mini units are easy to conceal, and are powered via standard 5v USB ports (common on most home electronics devices).

Suggested Products  ZS105  ZS108   



Lying on your bed catching up with the world can be a relaxing way to end the day.   However, a significant number of households are not wired with CAT5 cable, and/ or the wireless signal strength is not strong enough to reach into back bedrooms. Even if a bedroom is wired with CAT5 only one device can be connected at a time. Thus adding a ZuniConnect Mini-Switch will increase the number of wired connections available in the room.  For those with wireless devices and if the bedroom has spotty, or no wireless network connectivity, a strategically placed ZuniConnect Extender  can be used to boost the home’s wireless  network.

Suggested Products   ZR301   ZGR304  ZS105  ZS108





Laptops, netbooks, tablets, e-readers, and smartphones all utilize Wi-Fi, but sometimes it not available in all areas of a home.  To remedy this, you can place ZuniConnect Mini-Routers throughout your property which will help extend your wireless coverage area and provide the Wi-Fi connectivity you need.

The ZuniConnect Travel is great for use in kitchens not only because it will provide an Internet access point, but also provide a convenient USB device charging station which can be used to recharge cell phones, smartphones, and the Apple iPad® while you are cooking dinner.

Suggested Products  ZTRP150   ZR301

Outdoor Living Area

Electronic gadgets are an integral part of most people’s daily lives, and having a broadband Internet connection makes them much more enjoyable to use.  Countless people like to check their email, get work done, or simply surf the Internet from their patio or outdoor living area, and rely on a Wi-Fi connection to do so.  The ZuniConnect Mini-Router can be used as a wireless extender, which can be placed indoors throughout the property to increase Wi-Fi coverage to patios and outdoor living areas.

Suggested Products  ZR301   ZTRP150